The Newton Village Memorial Hall – Update on restrictions for hall users and bookers

It seem pretty certain now that the Government will raise Covid restrictions on the 19 July.

The Newton Village Memorial Hall has been open since the easing of these restrictions in May but the kitchen has been closed and there are restrictions on numbers and requirements on social distancing.

As from Monday 19 July the government has announced that restrictions will be lifted and this will be reflected in the removal of many of the restrictions under which the Village Hall has operated.  From that date, the limit of a maximum of 25 people using the hall will be lifted and the kitchen will be available.

However, it is important that good practice is observed to reduce the risk of infection whilst COVID remains in circulation.  To that end it is essential that those organising bookings keep a record of all those attending to facilitate tracing should any users subsequently contract COVID.  Good hygiene should be practiced – the hand sanitisers will remain in place and all surfaces should be wiped using an anti-bacterial before leaving. (these will be available in the Hall).  Also, it is good practice to open the windows to ensure good ventilation.

It is appreciated that some users may be nervous of using the hall once restrictions are removed.  Whilst it is not mandatory the organisers of bookings are free to impose additional measures – the wearing of masks, restrictions on numbers, maintenance of social distancing – at their discretion to suit the needs of their group.


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