2020 Surface Dressing Programme – Postponent of Works Warwickshire North

Warwickshire County Council has made a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order to cover the required temporary road closures and speed limits to enable Surface Dressing Treatments to be carried out to a selection of the roads within Warwickshire.

The TTRO was advertised in the local press on the 19th March and the 2nd April.

This order shall be effective from the 6th April 2020 and will be valid for a period of up to 18 months, or until the said works are completed, whichever is the earlier.

Surface dressing of highway carriageways was planned to be carried out between the 6th April and 30th September 2020, however due to the current situation relating to the COVID-19 Virus the programme will not start as scheduled and it is anticipated that these planned works will resume later in the year.

Once dates have been arranged for each site they will be emailed nearer the time of the works, in addition to advance warning signs being put out on site.

Mapped information relating to the confirmed extent of the closure and diversion route will be available once the dates of the works have been finalised.

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