Current Council Members – Newton and Biggin Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of five members who each serve a term of 4 years. The most recent election was held in May 2024.

Current Councillors and Clerk are – Ian Davis (Chair), Rick Crane (Vice Chair), Anne Davis, Robert Threadgold, and Andy Newnham. The Clerk is Rebecca Barry. 



Newton and Biggin Parish Council Councillors and Clerk Contact Details







Telephone Number


Email address


Ian Davis Chair 0785 554 4365


Rick Crane Vice Chair 0759 533 8815


Anne Davis Councillor 0793 963 4227


Robert Threadgold


Councillor 07799 888046
Andy Newnham


Councillor 07745 034801
Rebecca Barry Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer 07935 209451 or contact via Webpage

Representatives from Rugby Borough Council and Warwickshire County Council attend Parish Council Meetings.  These are Rugby Borough Councillor Eve Hassell and Warwickshire County Councillor Adrian Warwick.

The Clerk to the Council is the only paid and permanent member of staff and is responsible for ensuring that the Council complies with law and standing orders on all matters relating to Finances, Statutory Compliance, Meetings, Minutes, Agendas, Members Interests, consultations, correspondence and the website.