Important Open Consultation – Planning for the Future – Closes 29 October 2020

There are not enough houses being built in England to meet demand.  The government places much of the blame for this on the planning system.  It has recently issued proposals for fundamental changes to that system.  At present Councils prepare Local Plans for their areas and developers submit planning applications.  The new system will introduce ‘zoning’.  All areas will be designated as Renew, Growth or Protect.  Within the first two it will be much easier and quicker to get permission to build.  It is proposed that the public will be fully involved in these new zoning plans.

This might seem to be boring stuff but if the changes are introduced as suggested, then we could see a lot more houses being built in England.

The government is now consulting on these changes with replies required by 29th October.  Here is a link to the consultation document.  If you’ve got any comments then you can submit them on the online form.  The Parish Council will be making a detailed response which it will agree at its meeting on 24th September.  If you have any views and don’t want to reply directly, then let the Parish Council know and they can be included in its response.

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