Home to School Transport Consultation

The Home to School Transport Policy aims to provide guidance for parents/carers, young people and young adults on transport assistance available for pupils aged 3 -25 years of age.  Warwickshire County Council is proposing a change to the definition of a pupil’s qualifying school.  In all other material aspects, the Policy remains unchanged.

At the moment, a pupil’s qualifying school is defined by Warwickshire County Council to mean only the pupil’s closest school to home with a space available for the pupil by the shortest available route.  This may not be the priority area school (sometimes referred to as ‘catchment school’) but will be the one physically closest to the student’s home address.

The County Council are proposing to change the definition to mean either the closest qualifying school to the pupil’s home address, with places available, that provides education appropriate to the age, ability, and aptitude of the pupil and takes into account any special educational needs that the pupil may have, or the priority area school in which the pupil resides.  This means that some children will have two qualifying schools.

Low-income families would continue to benefit from extended rights eligibility criteria.

To find out more about the proposal and to take part in the consultation please click on this link https://ask.warwickshire.gov.uk/schools/home-to-school-transport/

or visit www.warwickshire.gov.uk/ask.

This consultation closes on July 17th.

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