Consultation on Parent Carer Support Pathway

Consultation on Parent Carer Support Pathway

Warwickshire County Council has a duty to ensure the needs of Parent Carers with a disabled child are assessed and supported.

If you are a parent carer of a child (0-18) with a disability and have parental responsibility, you have the right to request a parent carer needs assessment and Warwickshire County Council has a statutory obligation to complete this assessment. The assessment considers your needs as a parent carer, your wellbeing and things that could make looking after your child easier.

The current Parent Carer Assessment pathway has evolved, not from a formal process / procedure, but on a reactive basis depending upon the request. Feedback has indicated a number of issues that need to be addressed. This consultation provides an opportunity to feed back on a proposal to change the pathway for Parent Carer Support.

We are asking for feedback on:

  • A proposed new pathway
  • Renaming from Parent Carer Assessment to Parent Carer Support Pathway
  • The material used to explore a carer’s needs (Wellbeing Check Questions)
  • The outcomes offered in order to provide support to parent carers of children with disabilities.

This consultation opened on January 6th and will close on February 9th.

You can access it using this link or by visiting

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