Be the ‘Voice of Warwickshire’ and share your views!

Warwickshire County Council is forming a new residents’ panel called ‘Voice of Warwickshire’ to give people an opportunity to share their views, so they can listen to the voices of as many people as possible. 
The County Council wants their decisions and priorities to be informed by the views of a representative group of residents, to help them to understand people’s needs and improve how they work with communities in tackling the huge challenges that Warwickshire faces in a world that has been changed by COVID-19.  
People who sign up will be helping the County Council deliver the new Council Plan, focusing on big issues in Warwickshire, like health and wellbeing, climate change and sustainability, community safety, education, transport, economic growth, inequalities and inclusion, and more.

To be eligible to take part, people need to be 18 or over and live in Warwickshire. The County Council is asking people to sign up initially for 12 months.
Once you register as a Voice of Warwickshire member, around 4 times a year Warwickshire County Council will ask you to give them your opinions, mainly using online polls and short surveys.
If you are unable to participate online, the County Council would still like to hear from you and will be able to arrange another way for you to share your views. The closing date for registering is 14th November 2021. 
You can sign up to be a Voice of Warwickshire member by either:

  • visiting or 
  • if you don’t have access to the internet, by calling 01926 410410 (Monday – Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm). 

The County Council will then ask you to provide some basic information about yourself in the first instance.


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